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Are You Running An Enterprise Business? Here Are 5 Best Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms

Running a successful enterprise e-commerce business is not easy especially for the starters. One may start a business and fail to grow. To avoid this, you need to create a professional website that has advanced features to enhance the growth. These features will enable you to market your products and offer the best services to your customers. The enterprise e-commerce platforms play a crucial role in helping you to create a site that can increase revenues. They are easy to use to enable you to create one by yourself. You will not need to hire a designer to perform the task for you. However, not all platforms can work well for you. Here are 5 platforms best for your business:

Shopify plus

Shopify plus is a leading platform that has the cloud-based feature. With this, you will have the security of your business data. Since this enterprise e-commerce platform will store the information on the cloud, it will be difficult to lose them even after you lose your desktop, laptop or the smartphone. Another great thing about Shopify plus is the security feature. It will secure your business as well as customers’ data. The PCI and SSL certification are crucial security features that will help you to achieve this. Also, Shopify plus will host your site on reliable servers to prevent the hackers from attacking your site.
The good thing about Shopify plus is the customization feature. It will enable you to create a unique site that will make you stand out from your competitors. Also, you will get an opportunity to design your website in a way that it will enhance customers’ experience. Finally you will also be able to launch new sales channels across marketplaces, social, mobile, and in real life. For more information on Shopify Plus, go to https://www.shopify.com/plus

Magento enterprise

Another leading enterprise e-commerce platform is the Magento enterprise. This platform is an open source. With this, you will get the freedom to design it in the way of your choice. This platform will enable you to add features that can enhance the functionality of your site. The goods thing about Magento enterprise is that you can select a web hosting of your choice. With this, you will choose one that will offer a high level of security.
The coding process that Magento enterprise offers will enable you to create a site with a unique and professional design. However, the coding requires skills. Hence, if you are not an expert in this, you will need hiring a designer to perform the task for you.


BigCommerce is another excellent platform that will enable you to sell more with minimal efforts. It comes with advanced marketing features to enable you to reach a massive number of customers. Social media is a great tool that you can use to market your products for free. You will only require adding an ad, and the users will share it with friends. With this, you will drive traffic to your site. Another great marketing tool is the SEO. This feature will improve your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
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SalesForce Commerce Cloud

SalesForce Commerce cloud is another excellent platform that will offer security in your site. Also, it will enhance customers’ experience due to the integrated payment gateways it contains. With this, customers can use a method of their choice to make payments. Also, this enterprise e-commerce platform will allow you to provide offers in your site. With this, customers can make purchases and save money.
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SAP Hybris

Are you looking for an enterprise e-commerce platform that will help you to reduce errors? If yes, you need to consider using the SAP Hybris. It will manage your data between multiple sites and catalogs. Also, it will automatically manage your inventory and order to enable you to sell more. With this feature, you will get an opportunity to know the items that are out-of-stock to avoid overselling and underselling.